Casium-C is a temperate planet hosting life, orbiting a White Main Sequence Star.

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Casium-C is a Temperate Terra hosting life, and is the third planet of the casium system. It orbits a White Main Sequence Star at a distance of around 1.5 Astronomical Units. It has an atmospheric pressure of .513 atmospheres, and gravity equal to around 1 G. It has an orbit of 1.5 Earth years, and a solar day of 15 Earth hours. It has ten moons, but only one of notable size.

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Casium-C has a warm climate, relatively speaking, with an average temperature of 165.8°F (74.3°C). It has a greenhouse effect of 33.4°F (0.7°C).

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Casium-C has towering mountains, many of them taller than mount Everest. The tallest discovered so far was estimated to be over 35,000 feet (10,660 m) tall! There are also plains that would be impossible to cross on foot, and vast green seas that are larger than the Pacific.

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Casium-C has a grand total of 10 moons, most asteroids that got sucked into the planets gravity well. It has one moon, Casium-C1 that is relatively "normal" sized for a moon.

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Casium-C1 is a Warm Selena orbiting Casium-C. It has no atmosphere and an average temperature of 152.24°F (66.8°C). It has 0.15 G's of gravity. Its orbital period about equals its solar day, at just below 43 Earth hours. Its surface is pockmarked with craters, but is featureless otherwise.