Ma'at is a planet orbiting the star Ra (RS 0-6-201293-868-6-3-77-1417). It is also known as Ra 8 and is a temperate desert-class planet.


Ma'at as seen from space

General Information Edit

Ma'at and it's star are both named after Egyptian deities. Ra is the god of the Sun, while Ma'at is the goddess of justice and the regulation of the Earth. The reason for this planet's naming was due to the high ESI rating that it scored. It has no life, nor does it have any satellites. Large circular blotches, which are lighter than the rest of the ground, dot the planet's surface. These lighter blotches have also been shown to have a lower altitude than the rest of the surface, suggesting that these areas were once the location of lakes. The soil of the planet is generally a brownish or yellow hue.

Surface diff

Surface map of Ma'at

Physical Information Edit

The planet has a diameter of about 7058.35 miles or 11359.31 kilometers. It has a density of 5.8993 g/cm 3. Its effective temperature is that of 4.6744 degrees Fahrenheit or -15.1808889 Centigrade. It has an extremely high ESI of 0.89. Its albedo is around 0.25. Its rotation period is 15 hours, 38 minutes, 23 seconds long. Its gravity on the equator is 0.94 g. Its gravity on the poles is about 0.96 g.

Orbital Information Edit

Ma'at has an elliptical orbit, its parent star is Ra (RS 0-6-201293-868-6-3-77-1417). Its orbital period (One Ma'atan year) is 139.942 Earth years. Its pericenter epoch is 2000.01.01, 12 hours. Its semi-major axis is 43.243 AU and the pericenter distance (Closest approach) is that of 42 AU. Its orbit eccentricity is 0.024. Its inclination is around 69 degrees. The Roche limit for any satellite is 5361.817 miles or 8629.008018 kilometers. If any satellite gets in orbit closer than that, it will break apart. Ma'at's influence sphere has a radii of 0.135 AU.


Orbit of Ma'at

Atmospheric Information Edit

The Ma'atan atmosphere ends at around 19591 miles or 31528.658 kilometers up. The height of the homogeneous atmosphere is 19165 ft or 9610 meters up. Atmospheric pressure is around 0.060 atm. Air density is 0.11259 kg/m 3 or 3.971495376 ounces per meter squared. Air temperature is that of 4.6953 degrees Fahrenheit or -15.16927778 Centigrade. Ma'atan speed of sound is 883 ft/sec or 269 meters/sec. Its greenhouse effect is 0 degrees Fahrenheit or -17.7778 Centigrade.

Report information Edit

Summary: Ma'at is an extremely Earth like planet. It is possible to set up a colony. Its soil is brownish and there are splotches on the surface that suggest that water or another liquid existed on the surface once. One Ma'atan year is approximately 140 Earth years.

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