RS-1229-171-7-1506010-392 3 is a warm terra with life (multicellular marine, and terrestrial) planet, 3rd from it's parent star, a single yellow dwarf in the inner ring of the Triangulum Galaxy. This star system is one of many that are in the center of an interstellar cloud. RS-1229-171-7-1506010-392 3 has an average temperature of 52 degrees centigrade, and a greenhouse effect of 1 degrees, nearly non existant. This planet has 5 moons, but one large moon that orbits very close to its parent at only 18,000 KM. The atmosphere of this planet is very Earth-like, consisting of mostly Oxygen, Nitrogen, Water, and Carbon Dioxide. This planet has an orbital period of 187 days, and rotates on it's axis every 20 hours. 

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