RS 1229-171-8-1205516-207 A6 is a particularly strange system. This planet is a Warm terra with life (organic multi cellular, marine and terrestrial). The planet orbits a binary star system consisting of a red dwarf (AB) and a white dwarf with a large accretion disk, (AA) in the center ring of the Triangulum Galaxy in an interstellar cloud. The planet has an average temperature of 63 degrees centigrade, and a greenhouse effect of 12 degrees. The orbital period is 1.8 years, and the rotational period is 4 days. The most unique aspect of this system is the single moon of this planet, (RS 1229-171-8-1205516-207 A6.1) This is a Warm desert with life planet that houses organic multi cellular terrestrial life. The moon orbits it's parent planet at a distance of around 118,000 km. The moon has an identical rotational period as its parent. The temperature is around 62 degrees centigrade, and has a greenhouse effect of 0.3 degrees.

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